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< DESIGN + DEVELOPMENT + CODE > // Is the process for our main product: Websites.
Including Advisory Service, custom Hosting & Domains.

Besides creativity in: Graphic Design, Editorial, and Stationery (see "Us").


We are a group of designers and programmers willing to give their best
to make a good final work…ando so we believe it is very important to let us know.

From Mendoza, the World.

Countries like Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Colombia, México and the U.S. already know our designs.

Now you know one you account with us for:


.custom equipment
.brand and product variety


.creative ideas
.mailing campaigns
.print service


.online systems
.custom systems


.Personalised Stationery
.mailing design
.image personalization

If you are looking for an interface, image, or innovative new design, redesign or website update feel free to contact.. Actualmente estamos aceptando determinados proyectos de diseño. We are currently accepting select design projects.

I want to contact!

+ Call today to 0800-333-4733 (only Arg.)
+ from other countries please call to +54 (261) 450-2684
+ or send us a mail to

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A little story to tell...

I remember well that king of e-commerce, where a teacher was talking about something that just was emerging in our third world country called Argentina. Wowa…the misnamed "web pages", dear “Netscape”(then Mozilla Netscape, and then Mozilla Firefox). A tiny seed that was growing inside me and creating a "passion" to investigate what was that. Images, photos, drawings, letters and texts that made those early websites by which was sailing. After that graphic design was transforming me into a hobbit ... sorry! say, was becoming a hobby for me.

Experiencing ideas, translate them to paper, digitize, Photoshop will ... Fireworks there...Corel comes ... then the very top Illustrator program and could not forget ... the 3000 fonts downloaded from internet…ooohh! They made me feel the best…The more fonts had was more genius…That was crazy things (laughters).

I met geniuses like Mauro, self-taught programmer like's never met before, I joined with him to "Arte Joven", our "Virtual Design Studio". A Fer4 (Fernando Fontana) another amazing programmer.

Time progressed and I remember about seven years ago we were in front of OSEP managers (an important organization of Mendoza), we being only three young developers showing his talent in a sketch for their new corporate website and presenting our work portfolio. The sketch won the bid facing great competition of Design Studies from our province, here in Argentina. to the "responsibles" liked the sketch, but then was our disillusionment, and yet still push to move more vigorously, was when we were told us… -Guys, we liked your work, we have been seeing very well and we are more than pleased (!) but…are only three of you? (intimidated answer…-Yes…-) -Ok…Sure ... we can not give the job, We need to have professional support, you have offices or an design studio?? (Intimidated Answer number two…-No…we work with Remote Desktop and VPN-) ..ok..shure. So ... We are sorry, but we can not give the job to you, but we really liked the sketch and wallet .... unfortunately it happens-

Ok...End of history, that was for my an initial step, a break point, that began to make a dent in me to give strength to my personal project. We performed several projects and the days was an incredible but true time, with which we ourselves were surprised, what happens is that the capacity of the human being himself confined.

Then came a period in my life that changed me forever and it was my wedding. Well, I took responsibility and with the help of my wife and the support of many loved ones gave life to OYKOS would replace ARTE JOVEN. We seek the typography, doing scratches and sketches emerged the logo, until finally "voilà" appeared. we digitized the sketches and gave way to reach to the final version. until we said Yes! It's amazing!

Today in 2013 we presented our new web version of OYKOS and honored to meet you, having worked with friends, colleagues, small, medium and large companies and institutions from different countries and be part of them, it is a pleasure to work with what we like, because we do it with more strengthSo we are moving in continuous process of growth, crossing boundaries, crossing difficulties, because this is our momentum.


My name is Federico Calderón, intellectual and material author of Oykos.

Together with my team we design, develop, devised and rebuild from innovation, very creatively from Mendoza, Argentina.

From the beginning we have had, thanks to my temperament, a very pragmatic way of doing things, until experience helps correct the details that appear in the way, helping to organize, to expand our knowledge and discern the famous experiment "trial and error "... that give many headaches to us.

Thanks for reading these lines and believe me I didn't thought in the past that had "talent" for writing, but here I am. Until next time!


"To see how they do..."

We Publish, over the course, our work in facebook. Here are some of our customers that have trusted in our work.